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Christow Cemetery

Christow Cemetery is owned and managed by Christow Parish Council. It is situated on the Teign Valley Road.

Purchased Graves and Cremation Plots - An application has to be submitted to the Parish Council to purchase a grave space or cremation plot. You will then be issued with an exclusive right of burial deed, which entitles the owner or a person of their choice to be buried in the plot. Usually the undertaker will make the application on your behalf.

Memorials - Memorials can only be placed on purchased graves or cremation plots. You will need to wait 12 months to allow the ground to settle before a memorial can be erected. Memorials in the cremated remains section are exempt from this.

Memorial Masons - Your memorial mason must be able to install the memorial in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) Code of Working Practice.

He should give you a 10 year guarantee against poor workmanship in respect of materials and construction.

Obtaining Permission - Before a memorial can be erected in the cemetery, permission must be obtained from the Council. Your memorial mason will submit an application on your behalf. If your application is successful you will be issued with a Grant of Exclusive Right to Erect a Memorial for a period of 30 years. This right may be extended after the 30 year period subject to your memorial being inspected and found to be safe.

Maintenance and Responsibility for the Memorial - It is important to remember that it is you and not the Council who is responsible for the maintenance of your memorial. If the memorial becomes dilapidated or unsafe and you cannot be contacted, in the interests of Health and Safety steps may be taken to lay it down.

Vases - Glass vases are not allowed in the cemetery. They inevitably break and the shards are a hazard to public safety. Vases suitable for the cemetery can be purchased from a memorial mason.

Please use the links below to access the relevant documents.

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