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 Chairman's Report 2018

I would like to start by thanking the councilors for their dedication to
the job this last 12 months, although not many controversial decisions
to make this year, we have to ensure that your parishioners money is
spent wisely, and I would like to thank Carol our clerk who has the job
of making sure our decisions are carried out correctly.
Some items come up regular like pot holes which is the favourite and is
of concern to many as the situation is getting steadily worse, we
complain to Devon County, and our County Councilor Jerry', Brook who
attends most of our meetings hears and has seen our problems, has
difficulty in getting the job done quickly because county wide there are
so many holes to fill, the Parish council are looking at the possibility of
employing our own lengthsman, who would be trained by county
supplied with tools and material to fill in holes and clear blocked drains,
we are looking for someone who would be interested in doing this
Other jobs councilors do is inspecting the allotments, cemetery,
recreation field and on a weekly basis the play park and skate park
these are for safety reasons, also that is why the trees were up lifted on
the recreation field to make them safe and heathier long term,
although I know some people did not like the visual impact.
Lastly I would like to draw people's attention to the Parish Council web
site, for those who have not visited the site they have missed the
opportunity to look at past minutes of meetings and a host information
on the working of the council, plus links to Christow Community Land
trust, Christow Show, Acorn, Mobile Library times and much more.
And a reminder that if you have any concerns on anything within the
parish, just contact a Councilor or our parish clerk.

Tom Archer, Chairman