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Fixed Asset Register 

FIXED ASSETSDate acquired LocationPresent usePurchase £
Jubilee notice board Jan-13Cr Layne FieldCommunity 1400.00
Seats x 5Community 2360
Memorial Bench   Community 448
Recreation Field Car Park LightCar Park, Village RdCommunity 644
Bus shelter  Car Park, Village RdCommunity 5871
Train play unitLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's3392
Toddlers Kingdom Play Unit Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's6619
Springy see sawLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's1566
Toadstools and picnic table Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's1365
Double flat seat swingsLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's1186
Cradle seat swing  Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's882
Twister play unit Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's5979
Twist & climb unit  Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's4504
Tri tower climbing unitLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's3195
Croc Swing  Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's3591
Cow springyLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's783
Duck springy  Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's783
SwingLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's1353
Zip-wire   Layne Fd Play areaUnder 16's5615
Jungle crossingLayne Fd Play areaUnder 10's1576
Leapfrog posts  Layne Fd Play areaUnder 10's1003
Parallel barsLayne Fd Play areaUnder 16's540
Spiders web  Layne Fd Play areaUnder 16's1553
Double swingsLayne Fd Play areaUnder 16's1186
Safety surfacing  Layne Fd Play areaCommunity 9844
Skatepark quarter pipe (Playline)Aug-12Rec Fd, Village RdCommunity 7787
Skatepark Flat Bank (Playline)Aug-12Rec Fd, Village RdCommunity 6096
Skatepark tarmac surfaceJul-12Rec Fd, Village RdCommunity 3000
Skatepark spine/jump box etcAug-13Rec Fd, Village RdCommunity 11945
Defibrillator and cabinet  Sept-16Artichoke InnCommunity 1500
Defibrillator and cabinet  Sept - 16Car Park, Village RdCommunity 800
Total of insured assets£98,366
Cemetery Hut  Teign Valley RdCommunity2625
Cemetery gate & field fencingTeign Valley RdCommunity1680
Mower Shed   Teign Valley RdCouncil2205
Village Signentrance to villageCommunity378
Basket Ball Hoops   Village RdCommunity1890
ComputerMar-14Clerks officeClerk280
Computer printer   Clerks officeClerk126
Chairmans medallion??Chairman147
3 road signs unsuitable for large vehs??Community309
Cemetery groundTeign Valley RdCommunity1
Allotment ground  Teign Valley RdPlot holders1
Recreation field groundVillage RdGt Community1
Car Park   Village RdGt Community1
Toilet BlockJul-14Car Park, Villag RdGt Community1
Total of uninsured assets  9645
NB Insurers quote 'street furniture' 11918£13,026
playground equipment'£81,241
other surfaces£14,460
Total risk insured£108,011